Sunday, September 7, 2014

September Events

This month we go on the exhibition circuit with our new layout Martinvale ,the name was chosen by the members honouring a member who passed away recently Terry Martin. You can see it here

1. St Peters Anglican school

2. AMRAs Liverpool exhibition

Photos will be posted after its debut
here is what will be written in the AMRA brochure for 2014

Martinvale layout isn’t modelled on any place in particular. With our aging membership we decided that we didn't want to crawl under the layout to operate it. All members were asked for their input . Scale is HO using peco code 100. Buildings are a mixture from Australia ,US  and UK using RTR . Featuring Bobs model park in  a Marklin Z scale, a walthers 130ft turntable so as to turn Big boys and Garratts ,also featuring a dairy , fuel depot and Martinvale coal loader for shunting purposes . We use NCE DCC radio or tethered control system. Still a work in progress but you will see members running trains from all around the world and having fun running them

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